My Top 10 Bottles

The bottles are separeted between regular bottles and commemorative/promotional bottles.
The bottle with more valuable/difficult starts with position "1" and goes ascending to position "10".

Pos. Country Taste Code Year Label Volume Description $* Rate** Pic
Regular Bottles:
2 Taiwan CCTW008 1973 White ACL 770 ml Family Size - Written "Tokudai" on neck  150 10
3 Japan CCJP007 1968 Embossed 190 ml Rare embossed bottle. Represents 5th generarion of japanese coke bottles.  100 10
4 Afghanistan CCAF001 1970 White ACL 250 ml Coca-Cola in Afghanistan no longer exists since late 70s  120 10
5 Iran CCIR001 1974 White ACL 290 ml Coca-Cola is no longer produced in Iran since the 70's.  - 10
6 Saudi Arabia CCSA004 1958 Embossed 180 ml One side embossed in arabic, the other side english "Coca-Cola" "Trade Mark Registered" "Bottle Registered"  100 9
7 Yemen CCYE001 1964 White ACL 190 ml This bottle was made in Germany (see glass company mark)  - 10
9 Bangladesh CCBD001 1992 Red ACL 250 ml Coca-Cola logo written in Bangla language  - 9
10 Nepal CCNP001 1995 Red ACL 250 ml   - 9
Commemorative/Promotional Bottles:
Single Bottles:
1 Brazil CCBR074 1993 Red ACL 290 ml Rare! Limited Edition of 100 units, given to director board - for the Jundiai Plant Inauguration - March 1993  500 10
8 Brazil CCBR033 1994 Red ACL 290 ml "Festa de Fim de Ano 94. Que Loucura!" (End of Year 94 Party. What Craziness!)  250 10
* $ - Means "my" estimated price for that bottle, in US$.
** Rate - Means the difficult rating for me to get that bottle.

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