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Jornal A Tribuna (28/08/1999)

Crazy for Coca-Cola

They are 1.300 different itens in total. 407 only of Coca-Cola cans and others 70 products related to the softdrink. Marcio Shigueo Yamauti, 20 years old, Computer Science student of Unisanta and home pages programmer, is addicted to everything what is related to the mark.

Although they are thousands of objects, the collection didn´t start a long time ago. In october of 1996, Marcio downloaded, through the internet, a desktop theme for his computer. He thought Coca-Cola´s desktop theme beautiful, and thought that would be nice start a collection.

The result can be seen in his house´s office, which almost doesn´t have more space for many things. The first can to be kept was Christmas 1996.

For his collection be kept always updated, Marcio has contact with people from all over the world, by computer, to trade objects. “There is new thing every week. The trade happens through the post-office”.


Rare Piece

Among the student´s rarities there is the first glass brazilian bottle, from 1951. "It is a rare thing and I´m afraid that it breakes". He got it with tthe biggest collector in Brazil, who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Marcio complains that in the country there aren´t many Coca-Cola promotions, like happens at the United States.

"There, in the football championship, they always issue commerative cans. In Brazil there isn´t almost anything and it is a quite hard to trade with the americans”.

However, this difficult is only in USA, because in others countries, where there aren´t many promotions, the trade happens. Just to have an idea, he has itens from 50 different countries.

As every collector, Marcio is very jealous with his itens, and says that his biggest dream is to own the first bottle, called Hutchinson. “I already have seen the picture, and I already touched it. Who has it, is the collector from Rio. I met him in an exposition that happened at Memorial da América Latina de Colecionadores de Latas e afins”.


Little space

Marcio tells that the space in his house is becoming little for many itens. “The space is running out, but I always get some place”. He swears that he doesn´t intend to be at guiness or something like that. “If it happens it would be nice, but it isn´t my goal".

To keep everything in order, once in a month Marcio takes all the cans out from the sheel, and cleans them, and takes care of the objects. "I don´t like anybody touch them".

Besides cans, bottles, and others promotional prizes, Marcio also keeps posters, record the commercials that appear on TV, and memorize the slogans. “Before, the advertising were more sung, happier".

His family and friends help him and keep some objects to Marcio. “There is people that comes here and stays frightned with so much things".

As it coulnd´t be different, Marcio is a little addicted in Coca-Cola, and he drinks at least one cup every day. "It is delicious, of course I like it".


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