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Jornal Gazeta Mercantil (10/11/1999)

A passion called Coca-Cola

Addicted and specialist in Coca-Cola products, second his own definition, the student Marcio Shigueo Yamauti, 20 years old, collects everything related to the mark in one year and half, and there are about 1.500 itens in his collection. "I have everything related to the mark", says the citizen of São Vicente. Yamauti has in his collection bottles, pens, posters, cups, and even commercials recorded in tape.

The passion for Coca-Cola began when the boy downloaded the desktop theme through the internet in 1996. Student of 3rd year od Computer Sciente at Universidade Santa Cecília, in Santos, Yamauti accessed the american Coca-Cola site and, at the end of the same year, he already counted with about 1.400 pieces. "The Coca-Cola site in United Stated is beautiful and well done and in Brazil there isn´t one; then, I started have interest to the mark.

Among the collector´s rarities is the first brazilian bottle dated from 1951. According to Yamauti, the piece was given by the biggest collector in Brazil and also Latin America, and 4th biggest in the world: Geraldo Gayoso, who lives in Rio. Second to Yamauti, the most part of the pieces was acquired by trading with others collectors, made through the internet. "Old and foreign bottles are harder to get", he afirms.


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